Take Down Stay Down

ICIPRA.org administrates a universal, live, and free hash repository service, accessible via various API’s, that facilitate IP agents (Intellectual Property) to reach ICIPRA’s NSSA members (Network of Sites, Services, and Apps) all in one central location.

IP agents find value in our services by providing them a platform to publish hashes, urls, or content, of material they have good faith belief, under penalty of perjury, to be infringing on their IP all within one universal and central online location and in near real-time.

Through internal processing of repository syndication via full, daily, and hourly repository updates, NSSA network members find value in the assistance our services provide by further facilitating their intention to maintain good standing IP compliancy for their site, service, or app.

Private and public organizations, individuals, businesses, governments, schools, parents, and various other potential third party applications find value in ICIPRA's repository by further facilitating them in their efforts to reduce access of advertent or inadvertent IP encroachment within their network(s).

How It Works

1. Join ICIPRA.
2. IP agents search for and or manually add content/hashes to the repository.
3. ICIPRA.org generates new full, daily, and hourly repository updates routinely.
4. Network members automatically download repository updates for their respective site, service, or app.
5. Network members remove and or ban corresponding repository content insuring they maintain IP compliancy.
6. Done!
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